Project Overview

“Thydoc Health” sought to expand its reach and improve its visibility on YouTube. Despite offering valuable health content, their SEO strategies were not optimized to maximize their online potential. Primis Media took on the challenge of providing comprehensive SEO services and managing their YouTube channel for better visibility and growth.


Brand, UI/UX Strategy


Thydoc Health

Enhancing SEO Strategies

Recognizing the importance of effective SEO for increasing visibility and attracting the right audience, we delved deep into Thydoc Health’s content and target market. Through meticulous keyword research, optimizing video titles, descriptions, and tags, and implementing metadata enhancements, we significantly improved the channel’s SEO performance. Our goal was to boost organic discoverability and ensure that Thydoc Health’s valuable health videos reached a wider audience.

YouTube Channel Management

In addition to optimizing SEO, we provided comprehensive management of Thydoc Health’s YouTube channel. We implemented a strategic content calendar, ensuring consistent and engaging video uploads. This included analyzing audience preferences, identifying trending topics, and developing content ideas that resonated with the target audience. We also enhanced the channel’s visual appeal by optimizing channel art, creating compelling thumbnails, and organizing playlists for easy navigation.

Audience Engagement and Analytics

To foster a strong connection with the audience, we actively engaged with viewers through comments, likes, and shares. By responding to inquiries and initiating conversations, we nurtured a community of health enthusiasts who actively interacted with Thydoc Health’s content. Additionally, we provided in-depth analytics reports, offering valuable insights into viewer behavior, demographic data, and engagement metrics. These insights helped Thydoc Health make data-driven decisions and refine their content strategy.

Results and Success

Through our diligent SEO efforts and strategic YouTube channel management, Thydoc Health witnessed significant growth in terms of views, subscribers, and overall engagement. The channel’s visibility improved, reaching a wider audience and attracting health-conscious individuals seeking reliable information. With enhanced SEO and a well-managed channel, Thydoc Health is now positioned as a trusted source of valuable health education on YouTube.


Primis Media is proud to present the success story of our Social Media Marketing project, “Thydoc Health.” By implementing effective SEO strategies and providing comprehensive YouTube channel management, we have elevated Thydoc Health’s online presence and expanded their reach in the health education sphere. Contact us today to explore how Primis Media can help optimize your social media marketing efforts and drive meaningful growth for your brand.