Project Overview

“Label Inaayat” aimed to establish itself as a go-to destination for fashion enthusiasts seeking handcrafted and affordable luxury. Primis Media took on the challenge of providing comprehensive Social Media Management services to enhance the brand’s engagement, reach, and visibility. We focused on Graphic Creation, Organic Growth, and Influencer Marketing to create a compelling online presence for Label Inaayat.


Brand, UI/UX Strategy


Label Inaayat

Social Media Management

Understanding the importance of a strong social media presence in the fashion industry, we crafted a strategic management plan for Label Inaayat. Our expert team created captivating graphics that reflected the brand’s aesthetic and resonated with the target audience. We developed a content calendar, ensuring consistent and visually appealing posts that showcased the brand’s handcrafted designs and affordability. By actively engaging with followers, responding to comments, and fostering community interaction, we nurtured an engaged and loyal audience.

Organic Growth and Engagement

We implemented organic growth strategies to expand the reach of Label Inaayat. Through thorough audience analysis, optimized hashtags, and engaging captions, we attracted new followers and increased overall engagement. By providing valuable content, fashion inspiration, and exclusive promotions, we encouraged followers to actively interact with Label Inaayat’s posts, driving organic growth and establishing the brand as a trusted fashion authority.

Influencer Marketing

To amplify Label Inaayat’s online presence and reach, we executed strategic Influencer Marketing campaigns. We identified fashion influencers whose styles and values aligned with the brand and collaborated with them to promote Label Inaayat. Through authentic partnerships and sponsored content, we leveraged the influence of these influencers to expand the brand’s reach, gain credibility, and attract a wider audience. This approach helped Label Inaayat forge valuable connections within the fashion industry.

Results and Success

Through our comprehensive Social Media Management, including graphic creation, organic growth strategies, and influencer collaborations, Label Inaayat experienced remarkable growth in terms of follower count, engagement, and brand visibility. The brand’s unique combination of handcrafted luxury and affordability resonated with fashion enthusiasts, attracting a highly engaged audience. With an optimized social media strategy and successful influencer partnerships, Label Inaayat has become a prominent name in the fashion industry.


Primis Media proudly presents the success story of our Social Media Marketing project, “Label Inaayat.” Through effective Social Media Management, including graphic creation, organic growth strategies, and influencer collaborations, we have elevated Label Inaayat’s online presence, engagement, and brand recognition. Contact us today to explore how Primis Media can help optimize your social media marketing efforts and drive meaningful growth for your fashion brand.