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Primis Media, your strategic partner in enhancing your online visibility and reputation. We are a leading PR company that specializes in crafting compelling narratives and securing prime placements in renowned media outlets. Our expertise extends to curating informative Wikipedia articles and optimizing your presence on Google Knowledge Panel. With a focus on transparency, ethics, and adherence to guidelines, we ensure your brand’s story reaches a global audience, fostering trust and credibility. Let us unlock the full potential of your brand with our expert article submissions and profile creation services.

What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to transparency, integrity, and ethical practices. We believe in building strong, long-lasting relationships with our clients, founded on trust and mutual respect.

Some of the Premium News Media Platforms;

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PR SERVICESWikipedia for Brand Visibility and Credibility

Leverage the power of Wikipedia with Primis Media, where our skilled team crafts informative and accurate articles about your organization and individuals showcasing your achievements and contributions while adhering to Wikipedia’s stringent guidelines. We also offer profile creation services, enabling you to establish a credible and comprehensive online presence on one of the world’s most visited websites. Elevate your brand’s and individual’s visibility and credibility, reaching a global audience and establishing trust within the Wikipedia community with Primis Media’s expert Wikipedia article and profile submission services.

PR SERVICESGoogle Panel Profile Creation

Enhance your digital footprint with Primis Media’s Profile Creation on Google Knowledge Panel service. Our expert team will strategically optimize your online presence, utilizing proven strategies to increase the likelihood of qualifying for a Knowledge Panel. By securing this prominent information display on Google’s search results page, your brand’s credibility and visibility will soar. Your audience will easily access vital information about your organization, establishing a powerful online identity that leaves a lasting impression. Trust Primis Media to elevate your brand’s online credibility and visibility through Google Knowledge Panel profile creation.

ProcessOur PR Process

Brand Monitoring

Through various processes, our team of diligent professionals at Primis Media digs deep to monitor your brand’s whereabouts. We meticulously track different media platforms, newspapers, and articles that mention your brand name, a practice known as ‘Brand Monitoring’. Our main focus during this stage is to swiftly respond to any negative actions that may impact your brand and actively promote positive sentiments on the internet and media platforms. Brand monitoring not only enhances your brand’s visibility but also allows us to identify and address potential crises before they become public knowledge. Count on us to ensure the protection and proactive management of your brand’s reputation.

The first stage of our PR Process:

  • Forums
  • Review Sites
  • Social Media Platforms
  • Online blogs and Publications
  • Every print media (magazines, newspapers, etc)
  • Broadcast media

Benefits at the end of the Analysis:

  • Identify the individuality
  • Judge the right way of market approach
  • Drawbacks of the competitors
  • Learning through customer reviews
  • Set up a benchmark

Competitor Analysis

Our diligent team of professionals undertakes comprehensive brand monitoring processes to track and analyze the presence of your brand. Through meticulous monitoring of diverse media platforms, newspapers, and articles that mention your brand name, we ensure effective ‘Brand Monitoring’. Our primary objective at this stage is to proactively respond to any actions that may pose a risk to your brand’s reputation while promoting positive sentiment across online and media channels. Brand monitoring plays a pivotal role in generating favorable publicity and identifying potential crises before they become public knowledge. Trust us to keep your brand secure and maintain a proactive approach towards its reputation management.

Strategic Planning

At Primis Media, we recognize the significance of proper documentation in guiding your business towards the right direction. Strategic planning is at the core of our approach, providing a mission rooted in authentic values and a vision to achieve long-term goals. We understand that strategic planning is essential for propelling your brand into the spotlight, and we meticulously attend to even the smallest details to ensure that no opportunity for improvement goes unnoticed. Count on us to navigate the complexities of strategic planning, ensuring that your brand is positioned for success.

How we contribute to your business:

  • Involves better communication
  • Better productivity
  • Identifying the flaws and fixing them
  • Giving your business the right direction
  • Work effectively for better future

They are easy to read, skim, and share when our writers work on them

  • A Voice of the Brand
  • Gives life to the website
  • Better SEO Ranks
  • More Conversions
  • Keep the competitors talking!

Content Writing

Creating, editing, and rephrasing articles for a company’s PR services holds immense importance in effectively reaching out to the target audience. Well-crafted PR content serves as the cornerstone of an agency, utilizing concise language and compelling brand descriptions to capture attention. At Primis Media, we understand the significance of delivering impactful PR content that resonates with the audience, establishing a strong foundation for your brand’s communication efforts. Trust us to craft compelling articles that elevate your brand’s presence and effectively engage your target audience.

Press Release Distribution

In the final phase of our PR process, we execute press release distribution to secure media coverage, ensuring our brand remains prominent among customers and competitors. Our strategic press release distribution encompasses influential blogs, trade publications, news outlets, industry-oriented journals, and other targeted publications. By leveraging these channels, we effectively amplify your brand’s presence and ensure that your message reaches the right audience, maximizing your impact in the media industry. Trust us to deliver widespread distribution that keeps your brand in the spotlight.

You can improve your dealings in the following ways:

  • Control business story
  • Stay in power
  • Display the expertise areas
  • Boost Social Media Presence
  • Manage Reputation Proactively
  • Enhance the overall performance

FAQsPR Services FAQs

We specialize in article submissions to prominent news outlets, Wikipedia article and profile submissions, and profile creation on Google Knowledge Panel. Our commitment to transparency, ethics, and exceptional service makes us a trusted partner for businesses seeking to make a lasting impact in the digital world.

Primis Media stands out with its extensive industry experience and a track record of successful article placements in renowned PR news companies. Our team’s expertise in Wikipedia guidelines and Google Knowledge Panel optimization ensures that your brand gains maximum exposure and credibility across various platforms.


Article submissions to well-known PR news companies like Forbes, The Print, and Hindustan Times can significantly boost your brand’s visibility, credibility, and authority within your industry. It helps you reach a wider audience and establishes you as a thought leader.

Article submission on websites is an effective way to increase your online visibility and reach a broader audience. By publishing articles on reputable websites, you can showcase your expertise, products, or services, and attract potential customers or clients. It also helps in building backlinks to your website, which can improve your search engine rankings and organic traffic.


Wikipedia is a highly influential platform with a global reach. Having a well-crafted Wikipedia article showcasing your brand’s achievements and contributions can enhance your online reputation and ensure accurate information about your organization is readily available to the public.


Our skilled team at Primis Media is well-versed in Wikipedia’s policies and guidelines. We conduct thorough research, source accurate information, and present content in a neutral and objective manner, adhering to Wikipedia’s standards to ensure acceptance and credibility.


A Google Knowledge Panel is an information-rich display that appears on Google’s search results. It presents key details about your brand, enabling users to find essential information quickly. Securing a Knowledge Panel can boost your brand’s credibility and visibility in search results.


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